Shortcutz_Rio de Janeiro

“Shortcutz” is a weekly event, where short films are screened in the presence of directors, actors, technicians, artists, attendants.. (that will share opinions later). This concept was born in Lisbon/Portugal and already spread to various national cities and internationally too, Amsterdam, Berlin and now Rio de Janeiro. But Rio de Janeiro “Shortcutz” identity needed a visual/cultural adaptation, that’s where we came in. And here’s part of the work, we started from the original logo (white over black & reverse) and added some joy (color and geometry) because, as i was talking with Welket Bungé and Miguel Pinheiro, the 2 portuguese guys responsible for this Shortcutz adventure, were living in Rio, and tasting the culture everyday. They know Brazil and Rio de Janeiro for a while and kept explaining me how specific this culture is. ☀️

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